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People are often ambivalent about therapy.  We strive to make the process of scheduling as simple as possible, as we recognize the courage it takes to reach out for help.
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Therapists at Shurmatz Counseling are intensively trained to assist people in healing with a variety of interventions and with client populations. We pride ourselves on offering effective and convenient treatment in a timely manner. Several of our therapists offer Telehealth options, which is now covered by some insurance companies. We are invested in helping our communities during the COVID-19 crisis by offering tele therapy options.

Our Therapists


Jolene Sparacino

Specializing in anxiety, depression, grief and life transitions.

Carrie Rich

Specializing in addictions, anxiety, depression, DBT, and life transitions.

Alicia Kohlhagen

Specializing in anxiety, depression, grief and loss, infertility, prenatal and postpartum mood disorders, pregnancy loss and post traumatic stress.

Ruby Orcutt

Specializing in anxiety, performance anxiety, life transitions, LGBTQIA, post traumatic stress. I am bilingual in Spanish.

Katherine Patti

Specializing in anxiety, domestic violence, LGBTQIA and post traumatic stress

Juliana Corsaro

Specializing in anxiety, depression, couples counseling and life transitions.

Anna Shurmatz

Specializing in anxiety, dissociative disorders, EMDR, grief and post traumatic stress.

Katrina Norris

Specializing in anxiety, children, depression, first responders, grief and trauma.

Caitlyn Connors

Specializing in anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, trauma and teenagers.